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Our health care clinic has been in operation for 80 years, and some of our patients have been coming here since they were children. We pride ourselves on providing balanced medical care that looks at all aspects of a patient's wellbeing, including their mood, mental health, social connection as well as their physical health. As many of our patients are older, we've become specialists in geriatric care and help patients to stay at home as long as possible. We find that happy and connected seniors tend to be healthy. Our blog is all about holistic care for older patients in a health care clinic.

Geriatric community care

3 Actionable Guidelines If You Suspect You're At Risk Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Jane Brown

Melanoma skin cancer is one of the top three types of cancer in Australia with reports estimating that two out of three Australian residents are at risk of developing the condition by the age of 70. Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates that 13,283 cases of melanoma skin cancer were detected in 2016. The good news is that early detection can easily be treated at a skin cancer clinic. Here are some actions to undertake if you think you may have skin cancer.

Pay Close Attention To Areas Of Your Skin Encountering The Sun Regularly

Some areas of your skin are more exposed to the sun than others while you walk, jog or spend time outside. For instance, your hands and face are usually the most open skin areas encountering the sun regularly. Look for dark spots, moles and freckles that suddenly come up from nowhere. But just because you look closely at areas of your skin encountering the sun doesn't mean you should ignore areas that aren't exposed as skin cancer can still occur in these areas.

Examine Your Skin Frequently If You Have Family History Of Skin Cancer

Genetics can also play a role in skin cancer occurrence, so be extra diligent if a member of your family had it before. In fact, data suggests that 10 percent of melanoma skin cancer occurs in people with family history of the problem. Genetic factors like light hair, fair skin, freckled skin and light eyes may put you at risk of skin cancer when you're exposed to the sun. People with melanoma running in the family should ideally also get regular check-ups to monitor the possible issue closely.

Get A Skin Biopsy Done After You Visit A Professional

If you notice possible signs of skin cancer, visit a professional immediately to determine whether you need a biopsy. A skin biopsy is a technique where a sample part of your skin is removed from your body and sent for testing. In most instances, the skin cancer clinic professional will recommend the skin biopsy to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Keep in mind that if your skin scars or bleeds easily, you should ideally inform the professional, so that precautions can be taken. The results of a biopsy are usually available to you after one week. If the results are positive, other tests like x-rays, MRIs, bone scans and CTs may be recommended. You will then be recommended for treatment based on your specific condition.

Follow these actionable guidelines if you suspect you're at risk of melanoma and make sure you visit a skin cancer clinic immediately to get the best treatment possible.