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Geriatric community care

Our health care clinic has been in operation for 80 years, and some of our patients have been coming here since they were children. We pride ourselves on providing balanced medical care that looks at all aspects of a patient's wellbeing, including their mood, mental health, social connection as well as their physical health. As many of our patients are older, we've become specialists in geriatric care and help patients to stay at home as long as possible. We find that happy and connected seniors tend to be healthy. Our blog is all about holistic care for older patients in a health care clinic.

Geriatric community care

Three Common Reasons Why You Should See A Physiotherapist After Lockdown

Jane Brown

Lockdowns across Australia have been tough on many people, with thousands losing jobs and others being forced to work from home. Everybody has been affected in some form or another, and some not in ways that you will expect. With the rapid increase in home exercise for both experts and beginners, a lot of people are carrying niggling injuries that they don't even fully realise. Physiotherapy will be very important once lockdown ends for so many people who began exercising at home. Here are three reasons why you should see a physiotherapist after lockdown even if you think you are doing okay.

Running Problems

Running is the easiest form of exercise there is, but it is also one that is tough to master. In fact, beginning a solid routine can be quite challenging. You may think that your legs are simply tired between running days, but often the real problem can be far more severe than you realise. If you are suffering from any sort of continuous knee pain or soreness in your calves (or indeed, any other muscle in your legs) it is vital that you see a physiotherapist. Managing these injuries and giving advice on how to avoid making them worse is part of every physiotherapist's job description. As such, they can help you increase your stamina.

Strength And Conditioning

A lot of people bought barbell sets and other weights to try out at home, and if you have had no formal instruction on how to use them, chances are you probably pulled a muscle or tweaked something in your back. A lot of people who are new to strength workouts will try to power through these injuries, viewing them as a natural part of getting stronger. In actuality, you are very much putting your body at risk of further and more debilitating injuries. Little issues here and there can quickly turn into chronic pain if you are not careful. Never work through the pain in your muscles, and go to physiotherapy as soon as you can. 

Posture Issues

On the other end of the spectrum, many people have lost much of their regular exercise patterns and simply work, eat and sleep within their house. This can also cause issues with your posture, and in some cases, this can be just as damaging as an injury from exercise. Don't feel embarrassed, as many people have fallen victim to this problem over the last few years. Fortunately, regular physiotherapy can help soothe you back into a more comfortable posture that you can maintain well into the future. 

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